2       Egg plants (brinjals), cut into slices

6       Stetsons heart-shaped burger patties

6        Bread rolls

100ml    Hummus

½      Onion, chopped

½      Cucumber, chopped

1         Tomato, chopped

Handful Parsley, chopped

45 ml      WhiteVinegar

5ml         Sugar

Freshly ground salt & black pepper



Sprinkle the eggplant slices with salt, wait 10 minutes until liquid forms on top. Wipe off the liquid and excess salt with paper towel.

Fry the burger patties, followed by the egg plant slices. Set aside and keep warm.

Salad Mix:

Mix the onion, cucumber, tomato, parsley, vinegar, sugar and salt and pepper in a bowl.

Slice and butter the bread rolls

Place the salad mix on each bottom half of bread roll, followed by slices of egg plant.

Add a Stetsons burger patty on top of the egg plant, followed by a table spoon of Hummus.

Close the burger with the top half of the bread roll.


Serve with potato chips


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