Crown National recently ran a hunting promotion and competition with the prize being a fantastic hunting weekend away.

The competition formed part of the hunting season promotion that the spice and food ingredients supplier ran in order to offer its customers great special offers. The winner from the Eastern Cape region stayed and hunted at Thembalethu Safaris on the picturesque Palmietfontein, just outside Jansenville in the Karoo.

Situated in the fascinating, malaria free Noorsveld, Thembalethu Safaris absolutely abounds with game and is a perfect weekend getaway or holiday destination for the game lover or for a camera safari.

Encompassing about 6,500 hectares, there are numerous hiking opportunities and 4×4 or 4×2 tracks from which to view the game.

As well as the fourteen species of buck, enjoy the other flora and fauna to be found in the veld. Black Eagles nest at Thembalethu and may be seen patrolling the skies.

In addition to aloes, cycads, and elephant’s foot are the three species of plant which give the Noorsveld its name: the Noorsdoring, Bulnoors and Boknoors.

Thembalethu Safaris offers accommodation in an upmarket guest house with three bedrooms, very large open-plan living, dining and kitchen areas. Relax on the spacious stoep and drink in the peace of the Karoo.

The competition winner from the Eastern Cape was Vernon Newcombe, of OK Foods in Cambridge, East London. He was given the opportunity to hunt a kudu bull and an impala on the game farm.  We spoke to Vernon to find out more about how his experience.

From left to right: Stephen Kinghorn (farmer) and Vernon Newcombe (lucky winner).

From left to right: Stephen Kinghorn (farmer) and Vernon Newcombe (lucky winner). 

Wildland: What was your highlight of the trip?

Vernon Newcombe: Came to hunt specific animals and got them.  Three shots, three buck in the pot!

Wildland: What was a bit of a lowlight?

Vernon Newcombe:  None had a really good time, good laughs, lots of excitement and had fun!

Wildland: What did you hunt?

Vernon Newcombe: Kudu bull and Impala

Wildland: Was it your first time hunting?

Vernon Newcombe: No, but it was our first hunt in Jansenville



Wildland: How was the accommodation?

Vernon Newcombe: Excellent, 5 star!

Wildland: And the meals? What did you eat?

Vernon Newcombe:  Meals were really good.  The baker of the Potbrood (Charl), couldn’t ‘prove’ himself on the Friday night, but at least Dean showed us how it should be done the second night.

Wildland: Describe the vegetation & scenes on the farm

Vernon Newcombe: Vegetation really good, lots of Spekboom which is unusual.

Wildland: How was the hospitality from Crown National and the farm?

Vernon Newcombe:  Great, excellent!

Wildland: What are you going to do with the meat?

Vernon Newcombe: Process it making Biltong and Drywors

Wildland: Will you recommend this farm to anyone else?

Vernon Newcombe: Yes, very nice!

Wildland: Are there any other activities to do on the farm?

Vernon Newcombe:  4×4’ing, hiking trails, game drives

Wildland: How was the weather?

Vernon Newcombe: Excellent – well organised (laughs)

Wildland: Was there a funny incidence that happened that you can share with us?

Vernon Newcombe: Back to the Potbrood that was baked on Friday – funny!

Wildland: Anything else you would like to mention?

Vernon Newcombe: Special thanks to Crown National and organisers and Thembalethu Safaris for an excellent and great time! Is there another competition next year? Can we win it please!


To find out more about Thembalethu Safaris or to make a reservation visit or contact Stephen Kinghorn on Tel: +27 (0) 49 836 9112 or Email: or






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