Ouma’s Boerwors Pizza



1 pack of Ouma’s Boerewors

1 large pizza base (Thin)

Tomato Paste

Chopped Green pepper

Cherry tomatoes (halved)

Sliced mushrooms

3x large onions

Butter and oil

Crushed and chopped garlic

Enough grated Mozzarella cheese to cover

Salt and black pepper to taste

Shredded basil and Italian parsley

Chopped green and red chillies (optional)



Half onions and slice into thin rings and caramelise over slow heat until golden brown. (45min,) add the salt and sugar halfway through process.

In the meantime fry the Boerewors until done and set aside to cool. Cut into reasonably thin medallions.

Smear pizza base with enough tomato paste. Sprinkle caramelised onion on top of sauce and arrange Boerewors medallions on top of onions. Sprinkle chopped green pepper and garlic, and mushrooms and halved Cherry tomatoes, (plus optional chilli) on the pizza. Cover with grated mozzarella cheese and sprinkle Six Gun Spice to taste on top.

Bake in hot oven (230 C, until cheese has melted and set (15Min.)

Place shredded basil and parsley on top, cut into eights and serve immediately.


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