Established in 1912, Crown National is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. While the company looks back over the years with pride, they remain determined to be the leaders in innovation and flavour in the meat industry for the next 100 years.

In celebration of its 100th birthday, Crown National was eager to celebrate in a meaningful way, and for this reason joined forces with Project Rhino KZN in June this year. Dawid Muller, Marketing Executive for Crown National says: “This initiative is Crown’s way of giving something back to the community and supporting a cause very close to the hearts of all South Africans”.

Project Rhino KZN is an association of like-minded organisations, including the African Conservation Trust, which was launched on World Rhino Day in September 2011 in an effort to protect and safeguard South Africa’s rhino’s from poaching.

Sheelagh Antrobus, Communications Manager for ACT says: “We believe that without the support of government, business and the public, South Africa’s rhino population could be wiped out within our lifetime.

Crown has launched a Centenary Edition of products to help raise funds for the charity. By donating R3 from the sale of every pack in the Centenary range sold to the butcher or retailer Crown hopes to raise enough money to make a significant difference in the fight against poaching. Muller says: “In addition to the contribution that sales generate for Project Rhino KZN, retailers and consumers will be eligible for great prizes”.

The Centenary Edition of boerewors, biltong and dry wors seasonings was created as part of Crown’s centenary birthday celebrations and was, according to Muller, “specially formulated from the best spices and ingredients to give what we consider to be a celebration of flavour”.

To date Crown has donated well over R70 000 to the charity and they have become much more involved in the work that Project Rhino KZN does. Muller says: “We have decided to do much more in the plight to stop rhino poaching. The slaughter of rhinos in South Africa has intensified beyond all predictions”.

In the four years since 2008 – when rhino poaching suddenly reappeared – nearly 1,000 animals have been brutally slaughtered by poachers, many left to die excruciating, lingering deaths. Now, in 2012, South Africa is currently losing 1 rhino every 15 hours to poachers.

Following the successful 2011 Skydive for Rhinos (that saw 40 people raising R500,000 for KZN’s rhinos), the African Conservation Trust (ACT) has embarked on a goal to raise R10million this year for rhino anti-poaching initiatives, through a national Skydive for Rhinos 2012 campaign.

Crown National decided to become involved in this campaign and went along to the events. Skydiving took place in Rustenburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Robertson. Ordinary South African citizens and celebrities leapt from 10,000ft to raise funds for rhino anti-poaching work – and make a sky-high statement that South Africans want the decimation of one of our greatest national assets to stop. The campaign ended in the Cape on the weekend of World Rhino Day – 22 September 2012 – with a mega-end-of-campaign weekend.

If you are a retailer and would like to get involved in this project you will also be eligible for some great prizes when you purchase the special Centenary seasonings.

The grand prize winner will receive R100 000.00 in cash plus they will have their butchery featured on TV in the Kom Braai show hosted by Dewald Visser. Second prize is a week end away for two at Thanda Private Game Reserve, including dinner, bed and breakfast and game drives to the value of R15 000. There are also 100 Crown National spice vouchers to the value of R1000 up for grabs.

Consumers that buy any of the ready-made products at their local supermarket or butchery also stand a chance to win a week end getaway for two at Thanda Game Reserve. Look out for specially marked packs to enter the competition.

Muller says: “We decided to become involved with Project Rhino KZN as it brings together various organisations with a common vision and goal and has been able to identify priority rhino protection needs, and we are working together to fulfil them”.

When next you indulge in these South African favourites, make sure that it was spiced with the “rhino friendly” seasonings from Crown National.

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