Mark Smit of BMS Foods enjoys biltong from the Impala he shot.

Mark Smith of BMS Foods enjoys making biltong from the Impala he shot.

Crown National recently ran a hunting promotion and competition with the prize being a fantastic hunting weekend away.

The competition formed part of the hunting season promotion that the spice and food ingredients supplier ran in order to offer its customers great special offers. The winner from the Kwazulu Natal Region had the privilege of hunting on the spectacular Pongola Game Reserve.

Few exclusive yet affordable private getaways combine the scenic variety of bushveld, mountains, major water bodies and a range of leisure activities that make the best of all the natural features. This combination, an abundance of space and the results of a “light footprint” development philosophy are key ingredients of the special experience offered by Pongola Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal.

The area is home to many typical plains game species, four of the Big Five (excluding Lion), Hippopotamus and Crocodile. It is also a birding “hotspot” with over 350 species having been recorded here so far. One can also enjoy the experience of tracking rhino on foot.

The competition winner from KZN, Mark Smith of BMS Foods was given the opportunity to hunt one Blue Wildebeest and one Impala on the reserve.  We spoke to Mark to find out more about his experience.

Wildland: What was your highlight of the trip?

Mark Smith: Being in the bush close to nature and away from city pressures

Wildland: What was a bit of a lowlight?

Mark Smith: The monkeys running away with our sugar and Six Gun Grill spice! Even they love the spice!

Wildland: What did you hunt?

 Mark Smith: Unfortunately I did not have the honour of having any buck in my sights, but the other guys in the team were much luckier.

Wildland: Was it your first time hunting?

Mark Smith: Yes

Wildland: How was the accommodation?

Mark Smith: Very good

Wildland: And the meals? What did you eat?

Mark Smith: Early morning rusks and coffee. For brunch we had cold meats, eggs and toast. For supper we braaid and had the most delicious braai broodjies.

Wildland: Describe the plantation & scenes on the farm

Mark Smith: Haak en steek bush as well as normal northern natal bushveld

Wildland: How was the hospitality from Crown National and the farm?

Mark Smith: Excellent. It was very well prepared and the guys did everything for us.

Wildland: What are you going to do with the meat?

Mark Smith: We made biltong and wors.

Wildland: Will you recommend this farm to anyone else?

Mark Smith: Yes. There are great activities and lots to do. There is fishing, 4×4 driving, bird watching, bow hunting and so much more. There  is also a great variety of game to see including four of the big five (except lion). It is really beautiful.

To find out more about the Pongola Game Reserve or to make a reservation visit or contact Karel Landman on Tel: +27 (0) 34 435 1123 or

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