Crown National recently ran a hunting promotion and competition with the prize being a fantastic hunting weekend away.

The competition formed part of the hunting season promotion that the spice and food ingredients supplier ran in order to offer its customers great special offers. The winner from the Gauteng region stayed and hunted at Blanco Game Ranch on the border of the Kalahari Desert in the small town of Tosca.

Situated just 10 km from Tosca, a small town, on the brink of the Kalahari Desert, Blanco is one of the true jewels of this vast hunting area. The luxury chalets are tastefully furnished with ornaments from the region. From your double bed you can watch a rising sun that can only be seen in the Kalahari. In the late afternoon you can experience the setting sun and look at the landscape changing colours with big camel-thorn trees silhouetted against the fading light whilst enjoying sundowners from one of the lookout points.

From left: Nico le Roux Crown National, Ryan van Wyk Spar 2nd Avenue Verwoerd Park, Charles Gibbons Blanco Game Ranch, Gert van Wyk.

From left: Nico le Roux Crown National, Ryan van Wyk Spar 2nd Avenue Verwoerd Park, Charles Gibbons Blanco Game Ranch, Gert van Wyk.

The lucky winner that was fortunate enough to experience this beauty was Gert van Wyk of Spar 2nd Avenue in Verwoerd Park, Alberton. Gert was given the opportunity to hunt a black wildebeest and an impala on the ranch.  He was accompanied by his son and sales representatives from Crown National. Here is their story as told by Jhuan van Reenen of Crown National.

We left Johannesburg early on Friday morning. The travel took time as there was a lot of traffic on the road and it was about 800km from Alberton to Tosca. We had a good breakfast in Zeerust and took on the road through Mafikeng and then into the cattle farms of Stella and Vryburg.

Gert and Ryan van Wyk, a father and son combination, were our guests for the weekend. Gert invited Ryan to do the shooting as he had never shot with a rifle or hunted before. All the hunting stories that were shared on the way there made Ryan very excited for his first hunt.

We arrived on the farm at sun down where we were met by Charles Gibbons, the owner of the farm. Charles took us straight to the campsite, which is one of the best I have ever seen. One could see the passion and attention to detail that Charles has for his farm and hosting guests.

It did not take us to long to offload, unpack and start a fire. Charles, being the entertainer that he is, had a couple of drinks with us before he left for his house. The camp site was fully equipped and furnished with everything we needed. The boma that we had the braai in was something you only read about in books! It had a modern feel but the nostalgia of an American – Indian hut that was built to keep warm in the winter snow season. The fireplace is situated right in the middle of the boma, and it warms the entire room.

We ate like kings the whole weekend – that evening we braaied man-size T-Bone steaks marinated in Jimmy’s steakhouse marinade.

On Saturday morning Charles picked us up and took us to the shooting range for a bit of practice. We then took on the bush to look for a blesbuck. Ryan and Gert were accompanied by one of Charles’ best trail guides. After a long walking session, they finally came across the herd. Ryan took the shot and wounded the buck. Unfortunately, after much searching, we were unable to locate the animal.

Our hunting package also included a black wildebeest. Charles was adamant that we take some meat back with us and so, to better our chances of a kill, he let us shoot from the bakkie on his farm next door. Charles is in the process of building up a herd of almost 200 black wildebeest. This was an African hunting safari at its best!

Charles pointed out the cow that needed to be culled and we waited patiently for it to come loose from the herd. Ryan took his time in following the buck and as it separated from the herd he brought it down with one shot.

Ryan van Wyk with his first kill.

Ryan van Wyk with his first kill.

We returned to the camp site with the prize to celebrate the great success of the day. There is an old tradition that says a first time hunter must eat the liver of the buck that he has shot. We served this to Ryan raw, which he proudly ate!

Dinner was a feast of rump steak marinated in Jimmy’s Steakhouse sauce, lamb chops sprinkled with BBQ Six Gun Grill and juicy Ouma’s Boerewors. As a side dish, father and son made delicious farm fresh bread with the famous So Good Pot Brood Mix. The evening was a delight of jokes and stories shared within the camp walls and never to be shared with anyone outside of the trip!

The following morning, it was time to pack up and go home. Charles was ready to write out the permits and the wildebeest was loaded onto the trailer. Charles advised us to take a scenic route back home. He said that from time to time one still sees game roaming free. All of us agreed on taking on the 200 kilometre gravel road. This was one of the best decisions as the nature scenes were out of this world.

We arrived home safely after a weekend of laughter, fun and the most magnificent nature scenes. We also built great friendships.

Blanco offers the hunter everything; excellent hunting opportunities, magnificent sightseeing, exquisite food and personal service fit for a five-star hotel. To be able to hunt in this part of South Africa is truly a unique experience and will linger in your mind for many years to come. At Blanco you will be welcomed with open arms and smiling faces.

To find out more about the Blanco Game Ranch or to make a reservation visit or contact Charles Gibbons on Tel: +27 82 457 9569 or Email:


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